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Surrender to the wonderful soothing effects of our tailored massage
experiences delivered by our therapists’ expert hands.

The Aroma

€85/105      50 or 80 mins

The gentlest of massages, yet effective, balancing the whole body and the mind. A synergy of seamless massage techniques and specially blended essential oils ensure you will feel renewed and refreshed.

The Deep

€105/125      50 or 80 mins

Before getting down ‘to work’, this massage experience begins with warming the muscles. This prepares you for a deep massage relieving tension in the muscles and the connective tissue. Perfect for those who enjoy a stronger massage.

The 1926 Bespoke

€100/120      50 or 80 mins

A bespoke massage tailored to your individual needs. Utilizing five styles of long, gliding, and flowing strokes. It has proven to be helpful in reducing muscular pain, joint stiffness and stimulating circulation. Your choice of soft, medium or hard pressure.

The Duo (Per Couple)

€170/200      50 or 80 mins

Share a moment of peace with your loved one in our specially prepared couple’s suite. This full-body massage uses regulated pressure and synchronised movements to whisk you both to a deep state of relaxation

Back Massage

€40/60      25/40 mins

Give your muscles a boost as your circulation is stimulated and gently restored. Feel the tension and stress melt away with every swift movement across your back.

Foot & Leg Energiser

€40     25 mins

An invigorating experience for tired legs and feet. This treatment helps to aid joint mobility, stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness.

Head Massage

€40      25 mins

Massaging the scalp can stimulate nerves and blood vessels and begin to calm muscle tension around the head.


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