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Surrender to the wonderful soothing effects of our tailored massage
experiences delivered by our therapists’ expert hands.

The Classic


€70/95      50 or 80 mins

The father of all massages, otherwise known as Swedish massage. Utilizing five styles of long, gliding and flowing strokes, it has proven to be helpful in reducing muscular pain, joint stiffness and stimulating circulation. Your choice of soft, medium or hard pressure.

The Aroma


€70/95      50 or 80 mins

The gentlest of massages, yet effective, balancing the whole body and the mind. A synergy of seamless massage techniques and specially blended essential oils ensure you will feel renewed and refreshed.

The Deep


€75/100      50 or 80 mins

Before getting down ‘to work’, this massage experience begins with warming the muscles. This prepares you for a deep massage relieving tension in the muscles and the connective tissue. Perfect for those who enjoy a stronger massage.

The Stones


€105      80 mins

Long massage strokes are combined with heated stones placed on key energy points of the body, warming and releasing energy from the muscles. Instantly relieves and comforts.

Back, Neck & Shoulders


€39      25 mins

So many of us hold tension in our upper backs and necks. Too many hours at the computer, too much stress from life in general. Tight muscles are released and then massaged into a relaxed state. And you don’t even have to get changed!

The Duo


€120/150      50 or 80 mins

Two can relax and enjoy a massage together in our couple’s room. Our Spa Concierge will consult with you both as you each select one of our Massage Experiences, complementing with a hydra face mask for both.


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