Facial Experiences

Spa Treatments

Our targeted facials deliver results for every type of skin. Our spa therapists will guide you to the perfect experience for you.

The Age Defier

€110      80 mins

A relaxing and luxurious experience, this treatment delivers firmer skin and restores its youthfulness whilst promoting cell regeneration. It is customised to your skin’s specific needs.

The Hydrator

€80/95     50/80 mins

A deeply nourishing facial designed for dry and dull skin. It infuses moisture and high performing active ingredients to protect your skin whilst promoting resistance to premature aging.

The Brightener


€85      50 mins

The journey sets off with an exfoliating, enzymatic peel for added luminosity and smoothening the skin tone. An invigorating massage follows promoting circulation, sealing it off with a radiance mask for the ultimate glow effect.

The Purity Radiance Facial


€70      50 mins

A classic deep cleansing facial complete with exfoliation, blackhead extraction and steaming, followed by a detoxifying mask enriched with various marine algae. The face undergoes lymphatic drainage for purification as the body experiences an indulgent massage.

The Derma Fillers


Derma fillers can be applied to strategic facial points. Your individual ethnicity and facial features are respected, giving a very personalised approach.

The Botox


Medicinal botulinium toxin relaxes overactive muscles, thus reducing wrinkles. The facial expressivity is respected and maintained.

The Cavitation and Ultrasound Facial


€85/100      50/80 mins

Ultrasound cavitation facial treatment is one of the most advanced and pain-free facials that treat various concerns. This treatment begins with a gentle cavitation peeling which helps to soften and assist the regeneration of the skin. This treatment includes a deep cleaning and is completed with the application of serums according to your concern, penetrated deep into the skin with Ultrasound. A very safe result-oriented facial, leaving skin radiant and plumper.

The Radio Frequency Facial

€100/125      50/80 mins

Radio frequency is a technology for nonsurgical tightening of the early signs of loose or sagging skin, ideal for those people who do not wish to undergo surgical procedures. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jawline, and neck. The effect is to instantly shrink and tighten
the collagen in these layers. Over time, it also stimulates new collagen production. The skin becomes tighter and rejuvenated

The Non-Surgical Specialised Facial 


€85/100      50/80 mins

The ultimate facial combining non-surgical Cavitation and Ultrasound facial treatment with Radio Frequency. One of our most resultoriented facials suitable for deep cleaning, rehydration and firming of the skin. This treatment includes extractions followed by application of specialised rejuvenating serums to boost cells and collagen production. This experience is completed with an advanced anti-aging face massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and uplifted.

The Gentleman’s Facial

€75 (Face Only) /95(With Back Massage)      50/80 mins

Tailored just for men. Stressed and fatigued skin will love this detoxifying treatment. Your face is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated.


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