The Best Beaches to Visit in Malta

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Malta: the embodiment of sun, history and sea that has been luring in curious visitors for ages. From picturesque bays to mind-blowing street food, the Maltese Islands boast an array of quirks and features you’ll regret not experiencing. Among these quirks is indeed the clearest: the surrounding sea.

If you had to go on Google and search for pictures of Malta, you’ll be swarmed with blue and yellowish pictures of the ocean. This says a lot about the country itself – the sea is integral in Maltese culture as pizza is in Italy. In fact, you’ll often find that to get a glimpse of and fully experience what Maltese culture really is all about, the best thing to do is to go to the beach. Choose one of the multiple spectacular beaches in Malta and its sister island Gozo and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. 

From ongoing festa celebrations to people eating pastizzi and discussing the latest football match, the beach simply reveals anything there is to know about all that Malta is. 

Interested in spending a day at one of Malta’s best beaches? We know it can be difficult to pick from the numerous options available, so we’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll find a selection of bays and beaches you’ll regret not visiting when your holiday in Malta is over. 

Ġnejna Bay

Close to the rural village of Mġarr is Ġnejna, a gem of a beach that has just about a little bit of everything. The bay has sandy and rocky parts and is fairly secluded. In fact, it is not very popular among tourists due to its somewhat cut-off location. However, putting in a little more effort to get to Ġnejna (which is an approximate 12-minute car drive from Golden Bay in Mellieħa) will prove that a longer commute is worth the extra time if you want to have a little more adventure. 

Enveloped by hills of greenery and rock, Ġnejna Bay offers quite the sight to see. It can be a more peaceful alternative to some other close-by beaches that welcome hundreds of people almost every day. But don’t worry – you’ll still find everything you’re going to need here. 

A few kiosks and public convenience places sit on the edge of the beach. The large sandy area in front of them is suitable for families and sand-lovers. If you’re not a fan of sand and prefer to sunbathe on hard rocky surfaces, you’ll find these too on the side at Ġnejna. 

The only disadvantage of visiting this beach is the lack of parking spaces available. However, a parking attendant is usually always present, making sure you’ll find a space for your car in a short time. 

Għadira Bay

Għadira Bay, also referred to as Mellieħa Bay, is the largest sandy beach in Malta. It is by far one of the most popular beaches in Malta, seeing thousands of both locals as well as tourists flocking to it to swim. This beach is loved by many as it contains a surf that remains shallow for a good distance out, making it easily accessibly and enjoyable for people of all ages and needs. 

This beach is situated in the very north of Malta, right near Mellieħa and Ċirkewwa (where you can find the Gozo Ferries). Its popular location makes it very easy to get there, and a large number of bus routes pass from the beach on a regular occurrence.

You can spend the perfect day at Għadira Bay by making use of the various facilities closeby. Several snack bars and restaurants can be found in the vicinity. What’s more, sunbeds and umbrella hire is available. For your ultimate safety, a First Aid clinic and lifeguards patrol the area in summer. 

St. George’s Bay

Located in St. Julian’s is St. George’s Bay, a small semi-artificial sandy beach on the seaside of the Paceville nightlife area. This beach is loved by many, welcoming numerous tourists and exchange students residing in the neighbouring areas each year. 

This beach is convenient because it is close to just anything. Nearby shops, restaurants, entertainment places, bars and clubs can be found within 5 minutes – perfect for people in the area who don’t feel like travelling for a long time to get to the beach. It also offers a scenic view of the surrounding urban area, ideal for anyone who’s drawn to city views instead of natural ones. 

Armier Bay and Little Armier

Picturesque and charming, Armier Bay is situated in the farthest North of Malta, near the tip of the tail. The bay has two beaches, one known as Armier for short, the different as Little Armier. Neither of these beaches get insanely occupied in summer, despite the fact that they’re very well known among the Maltese – some of whom set up camp for the day with family and friends.

Armier Bay and Little Armier can be a bit difficult to reach if you don’t have a car. If you do decide to go by bus, get ready for somewhat of a walk from the closest bus station. While long walks in the Maltese summer heat can be disheartening, the striking surroundings on the way are definitely worth walking a long walk. (What’s more, the refreshing swim you’ll have afterwards will be an incredible prize). 

The best thing about Armier Bay and Little Armier is that they are very family friendly. While the bays are very popular among locals, they are less touristy, making them less populated at times.

Blue Lagoon

Situated in Malta’s sister island Comino, which has around less than 10 permanent residents, Blue Lagoon is one of the most attractive beaches in the Mediterranean. Tourists and locals love to spend their summer days at this beach, mainly for its shallow waters that boast a crystal clear blue hue. Make sure to take your goggles with you when in Blue Lagoon, because you’ll be wanting to spend most of your time in the water. This beach is a great photo spot that will give your social media a little life no matter what you decide to include in your best Blue Lagoon picture. 

Blue Lagoon is surrounded by small kiosks for a quick snack when you’re done swimming. Admittedly, the summer seasons witness a large number of people at Blue Lagoon. However, the chances are that you’ll always find a spot on the white sand, the flat rocks or the rental sunbeds to kick back, relax and sunbathe. 

Mġarr ix-Xini

When in Gozo, you just have to visit Mġarr ix-Xini. This gorgeous bay boasts not only attractive views you’ll never want to get away from, but also an interesting history. When the Order of Saint John occupied Malta, Mġarr ix-Xini was a hiding spot for the Knights’ galleys. It was also beneficial to the Turks to load captive Gozitans onto their ships in a dramatic raid of the island in 1551. Get a glimpse of the past by having a look and paying a visit to the Knights’ watchtower that stands guard over the entrance to the bay, built in 1661. 

Many will agree that Mġarr ix-Xini is a fantastic place for swimming, kayaking and snorkelling. Along the sides of the pebbly beach are rocks from which you can swim and jump into the deep water.  This place is secluded but becoming increasingly popular by many, especially since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie shot their film ‘By The Sea’ there. Much like Armier Bay and Little Armier, this bay can be a bit difficult to reach without a car. However, a 15-minute walk to get there is definitely worth it in the end. 

Paradise Bay 

This spectacular bay is located near Ċirkewwa in the Northernmost part of Malta, where the ferry to the sister island of Gozo departs. With its peculiar location,  the beach boasts great views, getting visitors in the mood to catch a ferry or boat and visit Gozo or Comino. The beach is set in a natural cove and is quite secluded and peaceful, surrounded by high cliffs. However, the beach space is limited and it can get especially crowded in summer, more so if it is the weekend.

Nonetheless, a lot of people still love going regularly to Paradise Bay. The sandy beach’s crystal clear water is fun for snorkelers, with some attractive underwater features and several sea species inhabiting the area. It is also family friendly and attracts a lot of young people who enjoy playing among themselves on the sand. If the weather permits, one can also go kayaking. Clearly enough, if you enjoy being active and doing any type of beach physical activity, Paradise Bay is the place you’ll want to be in! Once you’re done with your daily exercise time, treat yourself at one of the beach’s kiosks for a light snack or ice-cream


Right in the heart of Sliema is Exiles, a pretty beach that’s close to just about everything. While most of the best bays and beaches in Malta are found in the farthest north or south of Malta, Exiles is very central and conveniently located. It is close to various entertainment places – and a stone’s throw away from 1926 Hotel and Spa!

This beach is rocky; perfect for people who hate getting messy in the sand and are more into sunbathing. It attracts a lot of people, especially young tourists. While you’re swimming, you’ll be immersed in fantastic urban views of St Julians and Sliema, which is a sight to behold no matter what time of day you decide to go. 

Ramla Bay

Ramla is by far one of the most popular beaches in the Maltese Islands. It is widely known for its striking, vivid red sand. Apart from the rare Gozitan sand that’s appealing to the eye, this beach is surrounded by refreshing rural and undeveloped areas all around. The sand dunes are protected and the twisting hills and valley leading down to the bay are full of green and nature. 

The beach is family-friendly and is worth your trip, even if you’re travelling by bus (Many places in Gozo are difficult to reach if not by car, but there is a fairly regular bus that passes by the beach). It has numerous facilities available, including public showers, a cafe, a bar and an ice-cream truck. After lounging on the beach all day, you can take a hike along the surrounding rural areas to take in a view from higher ground. In fact, a lot of people enjoy visiting Tal-Mixta Cave, offering a scenic view of Ramla Bay from atop. We’d recommend getting up early and going there for sunrise for an unforgettable experience and a collection of pretty pictures you’ll appreciate forever. 

St. Peter’s Pool

St. Peter’s Pool is one of the most charming and stunning beaches in Malta. It is located close to Marsaxlokk, Malta’s spectacular and colourful fishing village, at the tip of Delimara Point in the south of Malta. 

Much like Blue Lagoon in Comino, the sea at St. Peter’s Pool is crystal clear with appealing azure blue and light turquoise hues. This beach is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, kayaking and sunbathing. It is also well-loved by adventurous people who have the option to dive into the sea from a fairly high yet safe diving point from the surrounding rocks. However, ladders are available as well. St. Peter’s Pool is spectacular but difficult to get to without a car. It also takes quite a bit of navigation to find it! Once you do, however, you’ll certainly be thanking yourself for deciding to go. 

Final Thoughts

You will find that going to the beach is something that can benefit you in many ways. Swimming, snacking, sunbathing and relaxing at any bay in Malta is something you’ll surely want to experience more than once in your life. Similarly, so is excellent accommodation.

At 1926 Hotel and Spa, you can spend your holiday the right way by revelling in our luxurious rooms, enjoyable Beach Club, revitalising Spa and exceptional dining. 

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