What is Sliema Malta best known for?

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During this article, we shall be discussing several aspects of Sliema Malta which you can enjoy while on your holiday in Malta.

These include the history, as well as the appealing nature of this cultural hub to tourists who come over from all over the world on their holiday in Malta.

However, first we shall give a bit of an overview of Malta itself, to get a better idea of a central city like Sliema Malta.

About Malta

Malta is a tiny archipelago which is made up of a number of smaller islands, all located in the heart of the mediterranean, just south of Sicily.

Although it is one of the smallest nations in the world, it is safe to say that that is not a contributing factor when it comes to its tourism.

That is, visiting this archipelago would be a blast while on your holiday in Malta.

Malta has a large variety of things to offer every kind of tourist on their holiday.

Be it the luxurious traveller, the backpacker or just the run-of-the-mill travelling family, Malta has something to offer everyone.

Sliema Malta is a testament to that fact, and we will prove it.

Keep reading to discover the gems that Sliema Malta is known for, and what you will find in Sliema Malta, while on your holiday in Malta

History of Sliema

The name Sliema is said to derive from a prayer that seamen recite as they passed a church at the entrance to Marsamxett Harbour.

Originally a small fishing village, this land situated on a headland between Marsamxett Harbour known as Sliema Malta has transformed into a commercial district which is also home to thousands of residents.

This change is owed greatly to the British who ruled over Malta, as well as the well-to-do Maltese people during the 19th and early 20th century. That is, during this period, they used Sliema as a summer residential resort. 

This history is a big contributing factor to sliema’s very distinct feel to it. 

To its character, which is said to be found nowhere else and is truly appreciated by locals and travellers alike.
Over the past 50 years or so, the town and the surrounding areas underwent another transformation. 

This was one of commercial nature and it saw the beautiful stately properties of its past inhabitants replaced by several apartment buildings and modern offices.

Thanks to this development, nowadays, sliema Malta is considered to be one of the most, if not the most versatile cities in Malta.

This is because it has become the jack of all trades when it comes to facilities.

Sliema Malta is a seaside locality and as well as a business centre, the top Malta shopping destination and a historical area, a place of rest and a go-to area for entertainment, all in one!

This should definitely be on the top of your list of villages to visit while on your holiday in Malta.


When looking from attractions, Sliema Malta has no shortage of options.

There are in fact many many options to choose from, regardless if you are having a luxurious holiday in Malta, or you are visiting this island on a tight budget.

It has a lot to offer any kind of traveller.

Sliema Promenade

The promenade which stretches just over two kilometres in length is ideal for long walks or runs, while the various benches on the outskirts of this promenade provide a place for the locals to take a load off and socialize, especially during warm summer evenings. 

This vibrant seaside promenade following the Tower Road area is still one of the longest continuous stretches of stunning open sea views in Sliema.

Definitely a must sea feature of the urban environment while on your holiday in Malta

Regardless if you experience it early in the morning and in the early evening, this promenade is bustling with activity.

Be it from the numerous cafès overlooking the harbour, or the vibrant ice cream parlours on these outskirts.

This promenade is  an ideal place to take a relaxing afternoon stroll. 

This walk  will take you through a number of amazing sites that Sliema is known for.

You will notice a number of historical buildings.

Starting from the Qui-si-sana area, and heading towards St. Julian’s, one can walk past a British military installation, as well as a 17th century coastal watchtower.

You can also sea a cluster of beautifully designed Art-Deco terraced townhouses and an intricately designed neo-gothic Carmelite church in the balluta bay area. 

Be sure not to miss them as these are some stunning finds while on your holiday in Malta.

Independence Gardens

The Independence Gardens are a 500 meter park and recreational area situated in the heart of Sliema just on the promenade, along the line of the mediterranean sea.

The gardens are stunning, boasting abundant greenery, walking paths as well as children’s playgrounds within the grounds, and also in another park nearby. 

This is a great place to visit in Sliema Malta while on your holiday in Malta.

Visitors can enjoy a lovely walk through the gardens, which are open to the public all day long. 

It is also possible to sit back and take in the serene sites of the small fishing boats along the bay.

The Independence Gardens are also home to many stray cats, who are very well-taken care of by the locals. 

One can see a small shaded area full of home-made cat shelters, as well as lots of food and cozy blankets to make the felines feel very much at home. 

As you go past the lovely colourful shaded benches overlooking the sea, you will also reach a small children’s playground.

There are lots of activities for younger children with swings and plenty of space for children to run around safely and freely.

Truly a great place to experience when on your holiday in Malta.


Despite lacking sandy beaches, Sliema Malta’s coastline is still a favourite of tourists when it comes to swimming.

This is largely thanks to the following beaches.

Exiles Beach

This is a rocky beach which is located in central Sliema Malta on the border with the neighboring town of St. Julian’s, just below a local playground and an old watchtower. 

Exiles beach is super easy to get to, regardless if you aim to get there by car or if you ride the bus. 

One thing to note is that the sea is very deep so it is ideal for divers. 

However, there is a watersports centre located at this beach for those of us less professional who still like to splash about in the sea. 

Here, you can get all the equipment and lessons you need for some fun scuba diving. 

During the nighttime, this is also a great romantic option while on holiday.

You can take a blanket and a bottle of wine and listen to the calming sounds of the waves rushing in and also gaze at the stars. 

This is ideal for couples who are wanting some well-deserved time away while on their holiday in Malta.

Fond Ghadir

These pools are located beneath Surfside Restaurant and are also commonly referred to as Roman Baths.

This beach is made up of a series of rectangular rock-cut pools along the coastline, sheltered from open sea currents and fully equipped with swimming pool ladders. 

Interestingly, although they are named the Roman Baths, they are probably dated to the recent Victorian era.

This is definitely a wonderful place to visit while on your holiday in Malta.


Sliema Malta is undoubtedly the best place for shopping while spending your holiday in Malta. 

Built on the site of the former Tigne Barracks, the remains of military structures left by the British, Tigne Point is now home to the largest set of modern high-rise buildings in the country and one of the largest redevelopment projects of the past decade. 

The first thing you will notice when visiting, while on your holiday in Malta, you will notice that the pedestrian bridge leading to The Point is embellished and decorated with loads of small love padlocks. 

This is similar to the bridge padlock concept there is in Paris’s Pont Des Arts

From near this bridge, you will also be able to access the sea underneath the Point, and enjoy the best view of Valletta from the whole island.

Be sure to have a wonderfully maltese shopping experience while on your holiday in Malta.


Without a shadow of a doubt, Sliema Malta is definitely the best place to enjoy the charming Valletta skyline. 

Enjoying this view while on the water is a spectacular and very memorable experience. 

Not only is it extremely memorable, but it is also extremely practical too. 

The ferries of Sliema Malta run a service across Marsamxett Harbour, granting you a wonderful experience.

This definitely beats taking the buses which can be overcrowded, if they are not stuck in traffic. 

Whether you are arriving in Sliema Malta, heading out towards Valletta Malta, or would simply like to enjoy the wonderfully diverse surroundings and panoramic views from a different perspective.

This stunning ferry ride option is by far the best, most convenient and affordable way to do so. 

Self-Drive Boat Ride

For those looking for a bit more freedom and adventure, one of the best things to do in Sliema Malta is to hire a self-drive boat.

This is a great way that will allow you get a great unobstructed view of the island from an entirely new perspective, as well as get to explore the island’s stunning bays, coastlines, harbours and multitude of historic sites.

After your lunch, we would definitely suggest a trip on a self-drive boat while on your holiday in Malta. 

Efficient, prompt and easy to operate self-drive boats are available for rent from a number of boat companies which are dotted all over the island. 

This is truly a must-do thing while on your holiday in Malta, and especially while in Sliema Malta.

Sliema Village Feasts

When it comes to things to do especially while on your holiday in Malta, feasts should be a definite staple in your holiday experience.

This is great and unmissable, especially if you visit the island in summer, as most feasts happen predominantly during that time.  

This provides you the perfect opportunity to mingle with the locals while on your holiday in Malta. 

There is definitely nowhere better for that than at the Maltese village festa. 

The Maltese love their patron saints and the village festas are there to commemorate and to continue to glorify them. 

Being that feasts are primarily a religious celebration, and Malta still holds on to its religious values, these celebrations continue to occur throughout the year, all over the island.

Each village celebrates a different patron saint or a number of patron saints  depending on the number of churches in the particular locality. 

This is because, of course, each church is dedicated to a particular saint. 

So, for this reason, some villages celebrate more than one festa per year.

The village band clubs are then tasked with the organisation and the entertainment during the festa.

The competition between these band clubs can be extremely fierce when it comes to the music, the organisation of the decorations and the fireworks shows, even if there is only one festa in the village. 

It gets even tougher and the competition gets even more extreme when one locality celebrates two different patron saints, each honoured by an individual band club.

This is definitely a must see event while on your holiday in Malta, especially when you are in the village of Sliema Malta.

Stay with Us

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Due to its convenient location, you will be able to visit any corner of the island in a very easy way. 

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If you would like to learn about more places to see, and things to do in Malta, read our article.

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